Release of new Code Editor and Debugger

As of Quantlab version 3.1.2042, the code editor and debugger is brand new. It comes as a detached window environment, but integrates with the workspace in the same way as the old version. Major improvements in user experience, such as visual customization and debugging tools.

All new Quantlab developer versions are shipped with the new coding and debugger environment. It is completely backwards compatible with old 3.1. workspaces.

Some of the major enhancements include;

  1. User defined colors, fonts, and window layout
  2. Debugger with conditional breakpoints
  3. Complete control of multi-threaded application debug
  4. Possibility to debug from Python and C#
  5. Enhanced global search and replace
  6. Extended go-to-definition within the global code space

Read more in the Quantlab Editor documentation (link below)

Quantlab Editor 3.1.2042